Our Story


What is Photonics4All?

Photonics4All is a Horizon 2020 European Outreach project, funded by the European Commission to promote photonics to young people, entrepreneurs and the general public across the EU. Photonics4All will develop a set of new promotional tools and apply them during a wide variety of outreach activities with different audiences. Discover our unique approach and check out our tools and events.

Why Promote Photonics?

Within the framework of the proclaimed International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies (IYL 2015) by the United Nations, this project will improve the public image of photonics and increase public awareness of the importance of this technology, especially regarding current societal challenges such as health and well-being, safety and security etc. Strong European collaborations, based on cluster activities, shall increase the interest of young people, entrepreneurs and the general public in Photonics and thereby generate more qualified workforce and young academics, more innovative applications and an increased awareness of photonics.

Photonics App

Our amazing Photonics4All App is available on google playstore in English and French. Soon it will also be available in further languages such as German, Swedish, Italian and Slovakian. We are encouraging all parents, teachers, students and interested persons to download it and learn more about the basics of light and the multiple applications. Besides, the Photonics4all application running on Android platform, this site independent from the operating system will allow large access to the Photonics4app contents.